Tarjeta 1991 Public and Private Tenders

Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. has its own Participation System in Public and Private Tenders, both for the Purchase of Final Goods, as well as in the Development of Public Purchases, Studies and Accompaniment in the Institutions and Countries where we are Registered.


Through this Area, Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A, has diversified the Commercial Activity deepening in a direct development of commercialization and generation of Jobs with this objective.


Through Successful Management, the Company is not only invited to participate, but has also managed to establish Brand Positioning internally in these Markets and Institutions.


This Development also accompanies Multiple sectors such as: Construction, Energy, Delivery of turnkey equipment, House construction, Food Products for mass consumption, laboratories products, medical cluster devices, and others diversified in each State where a direct activity action is carried out, with a growing sense of implementation .


Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. currently participates in Public Tenders of National, State, Provincial or Municipal Government Entities, and Organizations in:


  • Republic of Argentina
  • United States of Mexico
  • Republic of El Salvador
  • Republic of the Philippines
  • European Union
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • United Nations
  • world Bank

Professionals committed to Business Developments

Dynamic, agile and committed equipment to the requests received and processes to be met make Tarjeta 1991 Group SA compete with clear terms in each purchase process.


By having its own department, it allows to generate a singular monitoring of each process, from the moment of development of a commercial proposal, the established terms, adjustments according to the law to which the products, technical and commercial parameters must be adjusted, together with the Delivery in time as agreed in each tender and/or offer presented.


Thus being a work team that also generates continuous diaoges with suppliers from different sectors, and with companies associated with Tarjeta 1991 Group SA in order to generate joint coordination processes, and joint participation, which achieve benefits for the final entities through the Acquisition of goods to locally competitive values.

Suppliers, Associations and Representations

Action, Responsibility, Compliance

The continuous activity in the sector from the formation of the company established a growth based on the responsibilities consistent from the official institutions.


This generates a greater focus of activity, which has also been supporting the commercial activities of Tarjeta 1991 Group SA.


Based on the commitment assumed from the moment of presentation of a commercial proposal, the company manages, invests, acquires and delivers products and services with the purpose of complying with the regulations of each country where it has commercial options for completion, allowing that way tranquility on the part of the contracting entities and the responsibility assumed.


Faced with crisis times, response.

During the year 2020, the area was tested to work in a joint way with health authorities in different public and private fields of referential markets for the purpose of helping in times of health crises given the consequences of the COVID.


Through this management, and given the growing demand, the company has applied a large part of its resources to provide delivery facilities, dynamic times, and diversity of patient products, and COVID-19 prevention.


Based on actions also, the company always prioritizes human reality before commercial activity, thus generating ties of respect in any public or private process of acquisitions, and this principle being, a fundamental stone from the training of Tarjeta 1991 Group SA


Private Sector Purchases

Direct provision from associated industries, producers, or companies of which we generate international opening, this allows commercial competitiveness, I comply with technical aspects, traceability, and times, avoiding intermediaries.


The company even through these associations to generated own investments and acquisitions, which allow to comply with own commercial quotas for the internationalization of goods and services that enter under their own Tarjeta 1991 Group SABrand (T91) in other markets.


Complementing a bifid scheme with business action not only in the internationalization of brands for the private sector, but also in the realization of an introduction in the public sector of continuous demand.



Through the Systems in the Private Sector, it is based on the contractual compliance of orders for the correct development of companies, adapting and to each need, based on the terms of the purchase processes.


The Private Sector for the growth of every country where we meet, we focus on this sector with the purpose of collaborating with materials, products and services that facilitate, and expedite the internal processes of industries or companies in order to guarantee their maximum Competitiveness