Lines of Products

From the 32 Markets and Countries where we are currently our Company can supply the following Product Lines to internationally competitive values:


The Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. has its own International Trade Area of Products and Services avoiding intermediaries in order to guarantee fluids between both parties and internationally competitive values. 


Through this Area is developed and concrete commercial operations worldwide between private companies, public companies and Governments, providing products of various lines and qualities according to the demands received from the destination market and the buyer.


International Commerce

Food Lines:

Bovine, Ovine, Porcine and Poultry Meat, and their respective subproducts;

Canned cooked meat;

Bone and Meat Meal;


Natural and Artificial Mineral Water;


Wine, Beers, Brandy and Alcoholic drinks;


Grains, Flours and Subproducts;

Oils, fats and subproducts of Corn, Soy, Rapeseed, Olive and Sunflower;

Dried Fruits;


Raw Materials and products for animal or human nutrition;

Biodiesel and Subproducts;


Coffee, Cocoa and tea, and their respective subproducts;

Honey and Organic Honey;


Spices and condiments;

Canned Products and products ready for consumption;


Dairy Products, and their respective subproducts;

Raw Materials for the producction of Dairy products and/or Industrial Additives;

Dairy-based nutritional foods;


Cleaning Lines:

Soap for clothes and cleaning. Liquid, powder or solid soap;


Degreasers Kitchen;

Air Freshener;

Insecticides and disinfectants;


Construction Lines:


Soft and Hard Machinery

Aluminium Ingots;


Portland Cement;


Prefabricated Houses;


Tecnology and Industry Lines:

Solar Panels, Wind Power Generators;

Associated Products to the Renewable Energy;

Machinery for Petroleum Industry Use;

Machinery for Agricultural Use;


Airplanes and helicopters for Civil and Commercial Use;



Petroleum and Gas Lines:

Supply of Petroleum and Natural or Liquefied;

Connection pipes for Petroleum wells;

Machinery for Petroleum Industry;

Natural Gas Compressors;







Lines of Services

Through constant evolution and based on the growth that has developed the Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A., actually we are in condition to provide turnkey construction and installation services and even for the operation of services for Renewable Energy, Oil Industry, Construction and production of lines of products associated to our work bases.


If you would like more information about the Area, please contact us.