Cleaning Lines


Laundry and Cleaning Soaps, both solid and powdered and liquid;
Air Fresheners;
Disinfectants and Insecticides;


Construction Materials and Derivatives Lines


Hard and Soft Machinery;
Portland Cement, Sands, and Limes
Dry Construction Products
Prefabricated houses;

Technology and Industry Lines


Biodiesel, Fatty Acids, and Raw Material
Solar Panels, and Batteries,
Products associated with Renewable Energies;
Harvesters and Agricultural Machinery;
Low consumption heating panels



Know How services for web development
Technology Services for Banking Systems and Customer Service
Online Payment Systems and Online Payment Cards
Turnkey Installation Services for Photovoltaic Plants

Lines of Services to Third Companies

Through the constant evolution of the Company, and based on the needs of the SME Arch, Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A., provides Export and Import services, to Legal or Personal Companies, Reducing Costs, Times, and Safeguarding the commercial asset.


Coupling with the contracting Companies, this Service Allows the Increase of a dynamism of International action, which favors a greater integration with the Client and with the World.


Countries where the Service is Available:

  • Republic of Argentina
  • United States of Mexico
  • European Union

Likewise, the operations can be carried out with Multiple Countries of the World based on the Commercial Relationship that the Client has, whether it is an Individual or a Legal Entity, within or towards these markets.




  • Costs Indicated Prior to all Action and with Competitive Fees
  • Making Import Payments on behalf of Third Parties
  • Reception of Export Payments on behalf of Third Parties
  • Customs clearance included
  • Deposits for Merchandise Records.
  • Warehouses for Goods in Transit
  • Contracts between the parties with Secure, Agile and Operative Terms.
  • Execution of Phytosanitary, technological, or security registrations, as appropriate.
  • No Minimums!
  • Reduction of Bureaucracy and Records!
  • Financing.



Fundamental basis since the beginning of the Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A Company, the Security and Support of Every action entails Growth.


Thus, through the Services Provided by Tarjeta 1991 Group SA, the Contracting Companies have clear conditions, and detailed stage by stage, working together with the Contracting Party, in order to generate agility processes, between the contracted times.




Reduction of Costs and Times

Through the Services Provided by Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A, which are coupled with Business Contracting Directors, the hiring of Extra Personnel, Specializations, Training, and Bureaucratic records is avoided.


Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A, complies with the same on behalf of the user Company in order to generate an agile import and/or export process, and generate greater benefits in the International Competitiveness.


Truck, Ship, AirPlane, What is the Limit?


Without Minimum Operations, Without minimum charge volumen,  and without Restrictions in the Modeling of Import and/or Export, the Service Provided by Tarjeta 1991 Group SA streamlines developments in order to generate a robust process that allows the Contracting Companies to continue with a Productive Growth.


Through Provided Alternatives, it is possible, under previous analysis, to access Financing of Operations for Imports and Exports process.



$ 1000.-


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Beneficios desde

8 %

por Operación

Tu Oportunidad de Invertir en Crecimiento, Desarrollo y Actividad Empresarial


¿Sabías que Podías Tener Ganancia de Forma Segura y Ágil?

Sin Vinculación con Terceras Empresas. Directa Relación con Tarjeta 1991 Group SA

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Control, Seguridad y Claridad desde el Inicio hasta el Final !

T91 Capitals representa la Nueva Forma de Invertir en Participación Trabajo y Desarrollos, a través de Contratos Confirmados y a 45 días Mínimamente, con Retornos Fijos prefijados.

Directa Vinculación con Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. evitando Mercados Negociables y Cambiantes.

Aptos para Todas las Personas Físicas y Júridicas

A través de T91 Capitals toda Participación en Contratos de Trabajo se encuentra garantizada en base los terminos de pago de capital y ganancia.

Desde el Comienzo vas a saber tiempos, montos, Contrato, Operación. Toda la información estará a tu disposición !

Solo participarás en Operaciones Comerciales Confirmadas, es decir, sin especulación sin opciones o inversiones en otras Empresas: Simple y Claro, Aportas para Generar una Actividad Comercial Especifica y Contratada.

A través de T91 Capitals, Tarjeta 1991 Group SA se encarga de Todo, Cumplimiento de los Contratos y/u obligaciones a fin de generar un proceso Natural Comercial como viene desarrollando hace más de 6 años !


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  • Participas desde tu Cuenta Bancaria, y con Acreditación a la misma Cuenta!



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