Tarjeta 1991 Culture and Education

Through the Area it is accompanied the Commercial Developments of Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A., and is based on the promotion and opening up to the different Countries where the Company is located.


It is intended for people who wish to develop University or Postgraduate studies in Public or Private Establishments, as well as to the improvement of different disciplines of Art, Music and Sports in entities governed by Public and Private members concentrating in the Republic of Argentina and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay for the receipt of the applicants.


At the same time the Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. maintains a policy of increasing Countries for the purposes seted forth.


In order to guarantee the completion of these studies, the Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. - and according to the requirements of each applicant - provides the necessary and sufficient information, not only for the hospitality but also for the academic and / or professional improvement.






Area of Social Project that accompanies the commercial developments of the Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A., based on the promotion and opening to the different Countries where the Company is located.


We have reached agreements with Public and Private Entities with First International Level for the treatment of each needs of the aspirants.


We can provide not only stay to the aspirant if not also to their families.


This Area applies, through the Public and Private Entities, for training, materials and technology in order to satisfy the orders of individuals or professionals and / or International Health Entities.

Tarjeta 1991 Health