With the Commitment to Contribute to the Growth, Openness, Prosperity, Profit, and Development of All Jalisciences

Through the Mandate Granted by the Government of the State of Jalisco of the United Mexican States, Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. is an Economic Promoter with the firm purpose of through the Services Provided, and as an opening Strategy, to contribute to a space where All People, Companies, Public and Private of Jalisco, find in the endorsements to Increase the Possibilities of Interrelation Commercial, Cultural, Education, Investment, Technology and Science, in competitive markets.


The Main Developing Sectors are:


  • Food Industry and Agroindustry

  • Electric and Renewable Energy

  • Automotive industry

  • Medical Equipment and Medical Cluster

  • Complete Pharmaceutical

  • Technological and Electronic Development

  • Financial Developments

  • Tourism and Lodging

  • Jewelry

  • Clothing



Through these Strategic Sectors, there is the Objective of Providing Support in the construction of New Commercial and Institutional Relations, as well as the Deepening of Established Links.


Jalisco in the World

Support for Entrepreneurs and Institutions

A Huge State Thanks to the Warmth of its People

Action Markets

The Action Markets where as Economic Promoter we serve People and Companies of Jalisco are:


  • Argentina

  • Brazil

  • Paraguay

  • Uruguay

  • Ecuador

  • Bolivia

  • Venezuela

  • Surinam

  • Guyana

Strategically established in the West of Mexico, the State of Jalisco Emerges as one of the Most Important States, Economic Engine within Mexico, and the Growth of the Country, from its continuous expansion and reinvestment, thus generating a rich environment for the Local and International Entrepreneurship, which you can find in Jalisco, the gateway to the Mexican Market, as well as to the United States.


Together with its Capital, Guadalajara, the State Diversifies Lands and Landscapes, from the Mountains, to the Beaches, and thus also its Economic Activity, being Promoter and Pionners of Activities of Export, Innovation, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Energy and Technology of the To know,


From its Capital and less than 300 kilometers from the Port of Manzanillo (and one of the Main Ports of the Pacific), Jalisco's connectivity is multiplying being able to access in continuous opening the transfer of different Goods by Sea, Land and through the New Routes Areas, with the Purpose that the Products and Services can be Enjoyed by the World!

As Economic Promoter of the State of Jalisco, Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. makes available Services of:


  1. Promotion of Exportable Offer of Jalisco

  2. Import and Export of Goods and Services.

  3. Information on Destination Markets

  4. Information on Commercial, Public and Private Opportunities

  5. Provide Customs Assistance and Law Compliance for the Correct introduction of Goods and Services in the Destination Market. Accompaniment in records and provide full support.

  6. Accompaniment at Fairs and Conventions, Generation of Face-to-face or Virtual Meeting Agendas.

  7. Business Rounds and / or Trade Missions

  8. Valuation and Accompaniment in Projects, including of a Financial nature

  9. Representation of Companies of Jalisco

  10. Search for Partners and / or Generation of Own Association.

  11. Introduction of Projects,

  12. Support in Trademark Registration, Business Registration, Providing Legal and Accounting assistance.


Expand your Borders, from Jalisco to the World !!


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Through the Commercial Platforms Established by the Ministry of Economic Development of the State of Jalisco (SEDECO), we invite you to visit: where you can find a Free Access Platform to Find Suppliers from Jalisco !!


Likewise, through Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. We are at your disposal to channel your needs and to be able to contribute in an agile way  to find the Commercial Feasibility in the Search of your Next Commercial Partner !

Empowered for a Public Private Interaction, not limited only to the dialogue between the private sector, but also contributing to the Economic interaction between States.


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Through its Continuous Growth, Jalisco is Internationally Recognized for the Warmth of its People, who put the best of themselves every day to contribute to the Growth of Each Family.


With National and State Festivities, of Each City and Colony, which open to the past of Affection and Warmth, who build a Future of Projection, through Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A. The Insertion of the Tapatia Culture is also integrated, from the Mariachi, to the Tequila, from the "Carne en su Jugo", to the Musical Pieces of "Son" and "El jarabe".


Jalisco is a Diversity of Emotions, Pleasures and Enjoyment, which finds in its Culture and in each Home the Most Attractive Pearl, so that you only let yourself be inundated by its beauty! 

We invite you to visit: , belonging to the Ministry of Culture and belonging to the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Jalisco.


As through Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A., The Company Organizes Social Events, Tastings, Celebrations and Organization of Digital Events, with the purpose of increasing the Cultural interaction with the Region.